Obsession- a feeling

 For many a times, you see this trait and dismiss it thinking, there is always obsession attached to either one or both the partners in a relationship. Would it be possible, there is a story behind it? Would it be possible he or she is obsessed because they just are? 

Obsession- there may be a story behind it… 

Posted by @the_scribbling_owl on Mirakee app.


One thought on “Obsession- a feeling

  1. You become what you think about all day long. Obsession is a state of mind. When I was small I was obsessed with an object, when I grew up I was obsessed with my pet, obsessed with the relationship. What common in all is the thought that continually preoccupies, mania. But today when I look back, all I do is “just smile” 🙂


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