Free from ‘E’ 

Today I will not ask

Today I will not demand

I will not want you to do something nice

I will not ask you to say something sweet

Today I want nothing of you

Because today i know what I want and it does not want ‘you’

Done with asking you

Done with wanting you to be there for me

Done with your redundant opinion

Done with irreconcilable reasons

Done with being the one wanting more

Done with that part of you

Today I decide

Today I choose for myself

Today I shall put wings to my emotions

Today I will not stop it from flying

Today may not be that day of August, but today it feels like freedom

Today I will stop. Depending on your opinions, your convenient care, your purposeful dodging

Today I will fly, from the ashes where I buried a beast

From the ashes of expectations

I will burn the shackles of ego

I will turn the time toward happiness, because

Today my love, I will not expect

And today I wish is everyday