The ‘c’ word – control 

Why is control so important in life?

Why should I be in control when all I want to be is free?

Why should I control how I feel when I want to feel what I want to feel?

Why do you say you need to control how you feel and what you feel, when I wish you of all hadnot said that?

Why should we control everything when happiness is not happening when in control?

Can you control your happiness the same way you say you need to control your feelings?

Can love be controlled?

Can you control and love less and more accordingly?

Do you control how much you love me? Or control how when to love me?

I do not want to.control myself when I am with you…

I do not want to say I love you less because you hurt me…

I do not want to stop sharing the things that are close to me because you would judge me…

I do not want to control how much I love you… neither want to control when I love you..

Tell me not to control my anger, because I want to vent out to you

Tell me not to filter my thoughts, because I want to tell you good bad worse

Tell me not to hide from you because I see you as a part of me

Tell me not.. tell me not to control my emotions, for I can only pour out to you

You are my everything and you are everything that I cannot control my feelings for… you are that love, that unconditional love, which cannot be controlled..