Dear Past, please come back

Dear past,

Dear past please come back. I am speaking of the good memories here. The ones where you look back to and smile upon, those unforgettable beautiful little moments in our lives. Calling out to that past, please come back…

The times when you said we were inseparable, the times when you used to wake up early just to talk to me, the times when I had to force sleep you, the time when you used to fight with me for not giving you the time, the time when unplanned things were unacceptable to you, the times when it was important to see me through that screen from your phone every single day, the time when you were upset I couldn’t call one day, the times when you were obsessed over me, the times when I was your first and never taken for granted… that time in the past- can you please come back?

I know we are still the same-love and love forever types, but why aren’t we like before? How is anything I do is okay with you and you think the same with me too? Why do you not fight with me like before? Why does it not bother you like before? 

Do you think relationships over time, tend to make you take the other person for granted? Or simply not as interested as before…?

Has this happened to you too? What do you think? 

Round and round I go

Round and round we go

Round I learnt to write first

Round is my face

Round is the sun I see

Round is mother Earth they say

When I go round and round

Do I grow in round and round

Life is a circle or a straight line

How do I pull you to a line

Efforts from me seem never enough

Because we are going not close enough

I try and try only in vain

Why to try when it’s only disdain

Near yet so far

A year still ajar

For love for growth

A mirror an oath

Helpless tries

Hopeless feelings

Love defies logic

He defies logic

Happiness you sneaky little thing

Growing old is everything

Together we are happy I think

What is happiness

Without you human being

And it’s Papa’s day!!! 

Hey you’ll.. it’s apparently father’s day and may be I thought I’ll write something on it.. 

I think we should always thank our fathers and mother’s every day.. but let’s do the same a little extra today.. hehe 

You did not hold me when I fell

Learning to walk

You did not take me to school

When I was little

But nobody held me like you did

When I was in the dark

And Nobody could shake me

You made me no brittle

You are my rock

You always have my back

You made me what I am today

Boy or girl didn’t matter in your day

My dad, my strength, my inspiration

Everyday is your day

Why celebrate only today

However, it’s Sunday

Happy father’s day  

Warm, cuddly, sweet feeling 

In this world where there is more hatred and dreaded things than love, it makes me feel nice when I think about a sweet feeling like love… Wouldn’t you agree? Love comes in all shapes and forms, and surpasses all time zones and oceans.. love is love 😊

I love it

When your eyes look at mine in the dark and sparkle

I love it

When you let me kiss you while you talk to me

I love it

When you cuddle me up like I am only yours

I love it

When you hold me tight in the dewy mornings

I love it

When you do sweet pretty things like wine and dine

I love it

When your face lights up looking at mine

I love it

When you kiss me and calm me down

I love it

When you say you love me now and forever

I love it

When I see that love, when you hold my hand each time

I love it

And I love you dear mine 

My super mom 

One day is not enough to talk about you mother… May be my life time won’t be enough either.. 💟

Should I call you mom or my friend

You have so many roles to defend

I wonder how you manage it mom

Strong like the sun

Peaceful like the moon

When I am in the dark

You twinkle​ and shine

No one has the strength like you

No one can hold the family like you

No one can replace you

My mother I don’t need a day to applaud you

You will always be what you are to me

My super mom with unparalleled love

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Thought of this day 

What is time if you cannot make the most of it

What are moments if you cannot replay it

What is life if you cannot afford to have peace in it

What are you in life if you cannot have time for those moments in it

Time is the only change, change is the only constant and you my dear are only human 

Free from ‘E’ 

Today I will not ask

Today I will not demand

I will not want you to do something nice

I will not ask you to say something sweet

Today I want nothing of you

Because today i know what I want and it does not want ‘you’

Done with asking you

Done with wanting you to be there for me

Done with your redundant opinion

Done with irreconcilable reasons

Done with being the one wanting more

Done with that part of you

Today I decide

Today I choose for myself

Today I shall put wings to my emotions

Today I will not stop it from flying

Today may not be that day of August, but today it feels like freedom

Today I will stop. Depending on your opinions, your convenient care, your purposeful dodging

Today I will fly, from the ashes where I buried a beast

From the ashes of expectations

I will burn the shackles of ego

I will turn the time toward happiness, because

Today my love, I will not expect

And today I wish is everyday