Dear Past, please come back

Dear past,

Dear past please come back. I am speaking of the good memories here. The ones where you look back to and smile upon, those unforgettable beautiful little moments in our lives. Calling out to that past, please come back…

The times when you said we were inseparable, the times when you used to wake up early just to talk to me, the times when I had to force sleep you, the time when you used to fight with me for not giving you the time, the time when unplanned things were unacceptable to you, the times when it was important to see me through that screen from your phone every single day, the time when you were upset I couldn’t call one day, the times when you were obsessed over me, the times when I was your first and never taken for granted… that time in the past- can you please come back?

I know we are still the same-love and love forever types, but why aren’t we like before? How is anything I do is okay with you and you think the same with me too? Why do you not fight with me like before? Why does it not bother you like before? 

Do you think relationships over time, tend to make you take the other person for granted? Or simply not as interested as before…?

Has this happened to you too? What do you think? 

Tell me, tell me everything…

Tell me, tell me everything…


He says, “Tell me.. tell me everything..”

She shies away..

He wouldn’t give up. He gently holds her hand. Looks straight into her eyes. Wipes that tear off her face and says, “I want to be part of everything. what is yours, is mine. Troubles or felicities..”

Her tears are dry now. Her bothers are no more bothering. With him by her side, she feels she can never have any worries. She even forgot why there were tears in the first place!

He asks her, yet again… “What is it? Why your face is like this monsoon gloom? He teases..

She says “Nothing.. nothing at all..” as always, she never wishes to confide her troubles to him. Though she has no one else to turn to, though she doesn’t wish to keep anything from him, her troubles are worth not sharing, is what she feels.

He knows she is that type. He knows she would always deflect. He is well aware of her tricks and her charm in not talking about her ails with him. However, he never gives up. He never stops asking her. Even though she just doesn’t want to tell. He knows the burden on her shoulders. He knows how heavy it feels to keep our problems to ourselves. He knows because he has done it before.

She gives him a hug with a kiss on his cheek and says “You worry too much.. there is nothing to say.. if you keep pestering me this way, I am going to go!”

He has no other way but to succumb to her bashful threat. He loves that smile on her face and wants to be the reason for it all her life. He knows her better than she knows herself. He knows she will tell him her problems one day. His heart says hold on to her… hold on to that soul which needs reminding that “she can fly”.


He is the reason for her wings; she is the reason for his faith. With her, he is fearless and compassionate; with him, she is unflinchingly brave. Life is beautiful if you spend it with beautiful people.