Everybody hurts you.. One way or the other..

Life is full of surprises, may it be your surprise trip planed by your boyfriend or a surprise gift by your best friend or something you had to listen to which surprised you as it also offended you. It  happens bro!

People who are close to you, sometimes say the darnest of thing and take you by shock. hehe! Did something hit you in your mind? Do you remember that one friend who does not talk to you any more because he or she offended you so much that you just had to stop talking to them? Well you are not alone in this!

But what bothers me the most if why those who we trust so much and pour our heart out and put it out there for them? I mean, it utter hurtful and those offensive things they say, i wonder if they knew that they were offending or just thought of saying it..

But yeah, one more lesson learnt in life and a bitter one. People who get close to you are bound to hurt you and offend you at some point of life. One has to accept it and be okay with it. As much as it pains me to write this here, it hurt me a lot more when i was in that spot soaking in all the offensive things and behave like nothing happened. Because, you know what, even the people closest to you, offend you horribly. they are the ones who leave scars on you… the irreversible. They make us look like fools for having let them get that close to you that what they said, affects us so deeply.



But is it not the whole point? Somewhere down the line, can we really stop getting close to someone thinking of this possibility that one day they would hurt us?