Untill Next Time.. 

Story of a girl and a guy who loved so much  but lived so far from each other.. a story of the time saying bye until next time.. story of how much she misses him.. 

It was a rainy day…

Light thunder and rain

Night so dark , had no stars

Perfect to get lost

Trust me , you won’t be found..

But the rain, it pours like my emotions for you

The wait to be beside you seems endless for me

You my sunshine, my silver lining, my only constant

Days without you are hard but nights are harder

Standing in front of the mirror

Hoping to find your arms across me

Closing my eyes and feeling those lips on my cheeks

How perfect your skin lays on me

When I Open my eyes, you are not around

The picture so incomplete without you

My reflection longs for you

Until next time I say to myself

Until next time which is so damn far

Until next time we watch football together

Until next time we go up the hill

Until next time you warm me up

Until next time I click a picture of you

Until next time I kiss your hands

Until next time we drive in the rain

Until next time you kiss me goodnight

I’ll miss you my moon and stars

I’ll miss you…