Is ‘Pink’ Pink enough for a feminist movie?

Feminism and feminist approach toward life are two things that do not go along together. It seems to me like they are two different things. We have reached an age where most educated ones and the ones who wish to keep themselves in the loop with current affairs, are aware of feminism. In a society where man and a woman are viewed differently, and perceived differently in every step of the way, how is it that you establish something like ‘equality’?

Sometimes what these feminists talk about giving women equal rights, equal stand, and equal respect does not make sense to me. I mean, if you ask me, if I want to see woman on par with men, I would say yes! If it means to say that women get the respect that they deserve, I am pro.  That would be great to have a society where man and woman stand tall, and most importantly, stand together in every aspect. But is it happening?

Is equality a myth?

No disrespect to all those brave and proud women and men out there, who talk and preach and follow feminism, and have such wonderful approach in life. But my experiences speak otherwise. Being around educated people (literary sense of the term), I see feminism fading or it seems like a myth to me. Something that has no practical roots or if it does, I can hardly see it. And don’t we humans believe what we see? So we need to see it first! Now, you may get offended when I say so. But do not be. It might happen to you as well. We are not all that different fundamentally.

Are man and woman really equal? Why do you address your father with respect and your mother in singular term? Why do you think you should let the man lead the why and you follow him even if it is while crossing the street? Why is it that a father decides where to send their daughter to study and the mother just abides by it? Why should the man expect his wife to cook every day while he knows she is working too? Why is it different for ‘him’ and ‘her’?

It is a loop!

When you watch a movie or read a book and it happens to be something which paints the woman in a bold character with some flaws in her.  Why can’t it be okay with people and society? Such things fall under the unacceptable category sadly.

The last movie that I watched (Pink) had three independent women, it was no different to me. The movie which is making news because of its amazing ratings did not make sense to me at some point of time. Why do people need to be told that a woman’s modesty is as pure and sacred as that of anybody else’? Why is it a big pitfall when it comes to women’s safety and her protection?

Inked and Pinked

The movie, though slow-paced has a simple story actually. If you come to think of it, it is nothing extraordinary that the movie has. Unlike Hollywood movies who go beyond galaxies to exclude themselves from ‘regular’ movies. Pink is just a movie which has taken an event and projected a common society’s mindset about certain things like man and woman.

Three girls who just like guys wanted to have some fun, but ended up with a court case because a woman’s NO was not heard. You can certainly relate to the story, and for once I felt the characters were realistic in nature if not the whole plot of the movie. The movie is an attempt, rather a serious one, in breaking down stereotypes in our society.

A girl’s dress, her job, her personal life was dragged beyond their comfort zone in the open court. A man’s, on the other hand, seemed normal to people when probed. This movie is one such movie which we feel that it will make an impact on the society, but I need to ask, did it? If so, on what level?

That moment of disappointment!

When you watch a powerful movie such as this, you think that it has made at the least an ounce of an impact on people. To my surprise, it had not. The bunch of people I went to the movie with, lauded the movie, admitted that it was a movie which translated the reality of the society in terms of how a society works. Looking at the impact that the movie has had on my posse, I felt really good about myself that I took them for a movie such as this. We continued the discussion about the movie later, and we drifted toward reality. The talks went on and we realized how we are caught in such a society which sees the world with two different and biased lenses for two genders.

‘Change’ was the word that we were circling our talks around, and it leads me to disappointment and sheer hopeless feeling. My companions settled the discussion that ‘This is how the society is, and it cannot change.” This line was so unanimously echoing in their discussion, that I almost felt like we are back where we started. The movie seemed to have had no impact at all on these young minds.

“It has to be this way for men, that way for women”

My disappointment with the conversation with my people who accompanied me to the movie led me to think many different things. Why do we not want to accept the society that is built this way needs to learn? That it needs to make some changes in it? Why do we resist change? Are we so afraid of change that we do not even admit that there is a need for one? or is it simply because change scares people because it may question the hierarchy and shudder patriarchy?