When people think that you have an attitude..


What is the attitude in the first place? And why is it that having an attitude is bad? Well, having an attitude toward life that is healthy and positive can be appreciated. Isn’t that so? But having an attitude that will apparently as they claim as offensive is not okay. But who gets to decide on this? It’s the people around you of course. So why is it a problem? For many reasons…

When you ignore them…
People think you have an attitude when you ignore them. You wouldn’t do it on purpose, would you? (at least most of the time at least *wink). This is not acceptable for people around you. May it be the people you work with or friends you hang out with. ï am busy, tell me what is it” is taken as ignoring. This is just an instance. They think that you do not have regard for their work words and hence you do not prioritize them when they ask you for something. However, ignoring can mean many things. There is also a possibility that the person is genuinely busy? Have you thought of that?


When you make sarcastic comments..
This one day at work, I was immersed in my laptop and a co-worker in my time started a conversation about James bond( which is my favorite thing to talk about as well). since I was loaded with work I chose not to comment on the topic and hence gave no inputs in the conversation. That apparently was translated as, me having an attitude! Then I heard (I mean I cannot sit there and not hear), “some people are too busy to pitch in when everyone else is involved.” I was honestly surprised and held myself back from reacting anything. that was not a top notch sarcasm but it was a nice try I thought!
Having attitude is not all that bad!
Yes having an attitude is vital and I would totally be with it if it is a positive one. but imagine, f you really do not wish to be part of something and you want to be just straight forward with it, why not just keep quiet? How is that having an attitude? “usko attitude hai bohot?” why can’t we explain to such people? Well, people, you cannot escape from this. So get over it. It’s either deal with what people have to say and not mind it or pay attention to everything people have got to say and cater to their needs. I would suggest attitude or not, do what suit you and forget about people have to say.


Honesty is always the best
Yes, I live in a society and yes you all too. We are with people and it has got to matter to us. But to what extent? Is it all that important that we need to change the way we think? Or compromise our behavior/nature just to not seem rude? Someone I know always tells me, to be honest, and it does not always mean that I am being rude. So yeah, you all need to think it hard. People will always have one of the other snarky comment for you but let that not kill the essence of you. Be honest with yourself and that will take us a long way. Now that is an attitude I would like to follow in my life!